Miss P's Kitchen

Always Smokin'

The Best BBQ in Atlanta

Miss P’s Kitchen is a must-eat when in Atlanta. Looking for Soul Food in Buckhead? BBQ and a good old southern, home cooked meal when in Atlanta! From the Signature Smoked Chicken Wings and Bangin’ Beef Brisket Sliders to Grilled Smoked Salmon and Vegetarian Smoked Sausages, there is already a faithful following of meat lovers, pescatarians, and vegetarians alike! While almost everyone is here for the smoked meats and the Slap Yo’ Mama Mac & Cheese, Miss P wanted to create a BBQ spot inclusive of those with a more strict diet. Hence the inspiration for the Grilled Smoked Salmon and the individually wrapped Smokey Veggie Sausage. Literally, hundreds of people come stand in line every single weekend to order the same exact thing. Some, who just finished partying and others, who got out of bed just for this food are moving quickly to the other side for pickup and into their Uber’s. Miss P knows ain’t nobody got time for that, yet ensures that the little time spent in line will be more than worth it…after all, the food comes out fast but it certainly is cooked low and slow. BBQ connoisseurs and chefs alike, stock-up when they catch Miss P’s Kitchen open…even when they’re not hungry! It’s beyond barbecue!

While it’s currently open during late-night, weekend hours and has an exclusive catering menu, this place is bound to one day be open everywhere…all the time! Having a passion for people and quality, Miss P has a system for selecting the best ingredients, preparing them lovingly and serving them happily. With a combination like that, no wonder the line is so long!

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From Miss P Herself:

My mother rarely cooked when I was growing up. Fast food and microwave dinners were the extent of it. My hunger for more, no pun intended, inspired me to cook when I left for college. You couldn’t have paid me a million dollars to believe I would make a career change from music publishing to food production until the day I happened upon this glorious, mobile log cabin with a giant smoker on the porch. 

I knew nothing of smoking meats, nor cooking en mass but I believed in myself enough to seize this opportunity and figure it out along the way. Unbeknownst to my ambitious self, the promotion of a lifetime came from my job of five years, just two weeks after my purchase of Georgia, the log cabin, food trailer.

She ended up sitting in the same place for a year and a half while I took on this new music executive position. I dreamed of fixing her up one day and driving all over Atlanta with the best BBQ in town.

With the exception of everyone coming to me instead, that’s exactly what I did!

One of the biggest lessons I learned is the importance of following my intuition. Granted, I listened to all of the advice with an open mind, even if it was unsolicited, but many of those suggestions and precautions helped me to consider things I previously had not or did not know to look for nor think about. However, one thing that no one else could account for is how committed, resilient, resourceful and hardworking I was going to be. So here’s to being all of those things and more! I hope to inspire your palate and your dreams. 

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